The List: Rico’s Revenge

Los Angeles Detective John Ramos and his partner, Detective Beth Harper, have solved some of L.A.’s most problematic and intricate homicides. John is often accused of being overly paranoid. Dr. Charles Stevens, a world-famous transplant surgeon, has a high affinity for publicity and an uncanny knack for being at the right place, at the right time, to perform stunning transplant surgeries. With Dr. Stevens perceived as a national hero, the L.A. police chief does not want John to launch an official investigation.
Working from suspicion only, he and Beth sniff out ominous trails left by Stevens and a sinister character—Rico. An adept killer, an art Rico perfected while working at the CIA meticulously covers his tracks and has been untouchable until Detective Ramos starts sniffing around. It’s Rico’s unquenchable thirst for prostitutes that generates clues and potentially connects him to Dr. Steven’s.
The last thing Stevens wants is to lose his license to practice medicine, his beautiful wife, and his wealthy lifestyle.
An evil twist of fate puts John and Beth’s lives at risk. Detective Ramos, who has suppressed his personal feelings for his partner Beth, is desperate to save her.


“. . . Readers who seek medical stories embracing ethical challenges and relationships between talented physicians and those who would exploit inherent special interests will find The List-Rico’s Revenge an engrossing, different kind of murder mystery that even holds a taste of romance at the heart of its evolving story. It’s unexpected on many levels, and will delight readers interested in a solid production that operates on the cusp between mystery and thriller.”

— Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

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